Beware Of Liquid Diets Side Effects

It sounds so tempting, especially if you want to lose weight fast, but beware of liquid diets side effects. Liquid diets are a type of fad diets. Other than for quick weight loss, these diets are also believed to remove toxins from the body. But there are actually liquid diets side effects because you’ll be depriving yourself of hefty amounts of essential nutrients. There are other side effects of liquid diets as well that could endanger your health. Understand the risks and side effects of liquid diets so that you’ll be able to make healthier choices for your diet to lose weight and detoxify. The way you eat should promote your health and help you prevent disease at the same time. What are the liquid diets side effects?

    • It deprives you of carbohydrates which cause loss of energy. Liquid fasting diets usually eliminate carbohydrates. But the fact is, carbohydrates is a staple need for your diet. You should include whole grain carbohydrates in your daily meals, such as oats, bran and whole wheat bread. You need to fuel your energy with whole grain carbohydrates. This nutrient is also responsible for preventing type-2 diabetes by regulating your blood sugar levels. You could develop heart disease if you continually adhere to a liquid fasting diet. It deprives your body of energy that is necessary to keep your heart healthy. Liquid fasting diets cause fluctuations in your blood sugar due to lack of carbohydrates, and it may result to fatigue and dizziness.
    • It causes a loss of much beneficial fiber and digestion problems. Much of beneficial fiber is lost in a liquid fasting diet, and it curtails the important functions of this nutrient in your body. You won’t be able to prevent the development of high cholesterol because of a deficit in water-soluble fiber. It limits the amount of LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol in your body. Insoluble fiber plays a vital role, too. It helps prevent constipation by pushing the waste in your colon. Consider these liquid diets side effect which is fiber deprivation that leads to digestion problems and high cholesterol.
    • It leads to malnutrition. This is another dangerous liquid diet side effect. All liquid fasting diets require you to significantly limit your calories intake. You’ll greatly reduce the amount of nutrients that you consume. As a result, your body loses its fuel to maintain the healthy functioning of your organs and immune system. Be wary of heart rhythm abnormalities and gallbladder problems when going on a liquid fasting diet. These conditions can be potentially fatal. If you’re dangerously malnourished, you’ll experience symptoms such as diarrhea and constipation (digestive problems), sensitivity to cold, brittle nails and fatigue.
  • It robs your body of protein and causes muscle loss. Because you’re deficient of protein, you’ll experience muscle loss. Your heart, your respiratory and immune systems become weak. This increases your risks for acquiring heart problems. If your immune system gets weakened, your ability to fight diseases is diminished.

Liquid fasting diets are extreme diet plans. They typically are unhealthy and dangerous. Consult your physician before you initiate on an extreme liquid diet plan. Take caution because liquid diet side effects can be detrimental and you’ll need the supervision of a health and diet professional.

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