F.A.T is not a 4 Letter Word

F.A.T is not a 4 Letter Word

Do you want to know how to lose 10 pounds a week? Well you’d better eat some! That’s right, not all fat is bad for you. As the title says, FAT is NOT a 4-letter word, in fact it’s a 3 letter one. See, my mathisn’t that bad Of course, I’m not only talking in the literal sense here, but also as an image to drive the point home.

The different types of fat are trans fats, saturated, and unsaturated fats. Only trans fats should be avoided since even a small amount can wreak havoc on your system and stop fat loss in its tracks. Trans fats are man-made creations. Other forms are available in Nature and can be good for you. Funny how that works.

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Fat helps with a lot of our hormonal system. I’ve had friends, and read on many forums from countless people, actually lose fat and get healthier… by eating fatter than before! So, forget the 90s recommendations that were pushed in the mainstream media that low fat is the way to go. People have followed this advice and actually gained weight. Diabetes is becoming the 21st century epidemic. And we can absolutely change that! You and I control what we put in our mouths!

Fat helps with satiety as well. It fills us up. I can eat cereals and cookies like there’s no tomorrow, but it’s hard to swallow tons of butter.

On the other end, CARB can be a 4-letter word. It is actually: C – A – R – B… that 4! I told you my math skills were getting better to be more accurate, excess carbs are bad for you. Anything in excess is bad but it’s easier to overeat carbs than it is for proteins and fats. In fact, the % of obesity in these modern times is in direct proportion with the consumption of glucose / fructose.

I don’t want to confuse you. It’s fairly simple in fact. Excess fats are bad but usually, people ingest too much carbs and trans fats. Most people, even those that do well on carb rich diets, AKA the Carb Types, will lose weight easily by controlling their carb intake. That’s right, eat less sugar, less cola, less bread, less cookies, less cereal, less juices, less pasta, and you can lose a lot of unwanted body fat, even if you’re eating fat rich meals!

Try this out today. Don’t wait.

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