He Helped My Son with an ACL Injury

When my son tore his ACL in a college football game, he was devastated for a number of reasons. First off, he knew that he was more than likely going to miss the championship game. Even though it was not anytime soon, he knew that this was not an injury where you just got right back into the game. Even more than that though, he was worried it might end his football career before it even started. I went online and looked at speed and agility training facilities in the area, because I wanted to see if I could find one that would help him with his injury as well as his rehab.

While it did not matter to me at all if he continued to play football, it did mean the world to him. He is good, and I mean really good at what he does. He is on a full football scholarship, and his name has been tossed around on various forums talking about up and coming stars. When I came across Coach Landow and his facility, I was very optimistic about what this man could do for my son.

He even has a full page on his website devoted to ACL injuries, and he has created a custom training strategy that helps athletes get back to where they should be, which is on the field. He knows the goals of athletes when this type of injury occurs. Even better than that though, he knows how to safely rehab them back to where they are not concerned that it might be a career ending injury. The more I read about Coach Landow, the more I realized that he was the man my son needed. The two of them did meet, and they were able to agree on a plan to get my son back to seeing action. The amazing thing is that he was able to play in the championship game after all!