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How Old Are You?

Gray hair or wrinkled skin isn’t always the best way to determine someone’s biological age. Some parts of the body can be much older than others. When someone’s biological age is not in sync with their calendar age, they will look much younger than their age. A female’s breast tissue can be older than every other body part. If there is cancer in or near the breast area, it could age up to twelve years older than the rest of the surrounding tissue. Children with brain cancer can biologically appear to look 80 years old.

Biological age is actually determined by examining certain parts of someone’s chromosomes. There is a part called the telomeres that are responsible for the aging process of the cells. Every time a bead falls from the end of a chromosome, it shortens the length of the telomeres. Someone who has a shorter telomere is likely to die at an earlier age or develop a disease. Practicing healthy lifestyle habits including good food, hydration and exercise can extend the life of their chromosomes by limiting the deterioration of their telomeres.

Some people can benefit from human growth hormone supplementation. This is especially helpful for adults that are suffering from a hormone deficiency. This type of treatment is not supplied in a pill form and must be given through an injection. People that have received this supplement had a decrease in body fat, increased muscle mass, better bone density, and increased stamina for exercising. Regular exercise and nutritious meals can also cause someone to feel and look younger.
Working out on a regular basis doesn’t mean you have to join a pricey gym. Sticking with a workout program at home will deliver the same results. Drinking plenty of clean water and moving around as much as you sit during the day can improve a body’s biological clock. Don’t the candles on your birthday cake being the driving factor of your biological age. Turning back the hands of the biological clock will improve the way you feel, look and think. For more information on a healthy lifestyle, please visit