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How to Do Two Neck and Chin Exercises As Read in a Heartbeats Soul Stains Article

Men and women in their 50’s are trying to avoid any kind of minor surgery in their efforts to look more youthful. Below are two idiosyncratic but effective strategies for tightening up the appearance of that most troubling area of the face- the neck and chin.

Neck Rolls and Rotate

The following technique may look weird and it may even cause a bit of a tightness because it is not something people are used to doing. But, it will help tighten up muscles around the jaw that will subsequently help pull up any loose skin. Basically, the thickness of the muscles in the jaw will have less space for the skin to sag loosely. The exercise involves lifting the neck up straight and tight and allowing it to settle back into the chest. Like a turtle, go up and down. Between every few ups and downs, rotate the head around while keeping the shoulders down for the whole duration. Do this for about five minutes a day to have any visible results. The exercise above is interested mostly in working out the sternocleidomastoid.

Lower Jaw Protrusion

This exercise has a few names, and some of them are not exactly appealing. But, it basically involves the protrusion of the lower jaw. Stick the lower jaw out so it goes beyond the upper jaw by the teeth. Hold that position of the jaw briefly with the lower teeth a little further out than the upper. It’s not a hard thing to do and it should not be painful. This is a jaw stretch and exercise that will help define a jawline. Some individuals may also rotate their head to the left and left their right arm up for added pressure. They will then switch sides. It is also a common yoga technique.

This Heartbeats Soul Stains article covers a handful of exercise techniques that actually result in a more youthful look in the face. Surgery or cutting could also be held off for a while or indefinitely. Remember, health is intricately tied to stress, diet, and all other aspects of life. It is not just a sagging chin, but a full development of a person’s vitality.