What causes an unnatural Hair Restoration Result and Methods of Correction

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The procedure of hair transplant is a combination of both science and art that constitute 60% of artistic skills, whereas rest 40% about surgical knowledge. The procedure includes majorly the aesthetic sense and a Surgeon must have the précised knowledge about each technique in order to give the best outcomes of the procedure.

Scientifically, it is the process of changing the hair roots’ location from the donor site to the recipient one. The donor portion is what that gives the sustainable hair roots as the safe donor area contains the DHT-resistant hair roots that never fall out. So, it is the process of transferring the hair roots from one site to another with retaining the natural characteristic to fulfill the goal of a hair restoration.

Nowadays, the hair transplant in Delhi[1] successively providing you with the option of getting the best and experienced hair transplant Surgeon as well as the facilities of world-class hygienic and safety concerns that sets the selection apart from the rest of the city, state or country.

In the view of making the natural hairline design in the restoration procedure, it is a first most concern in the procedure that who is performing the Surgery. Only plastic & cosmetic Surgeons are allowed to perform the procedure and they must possess the M.S degree along with an M Ch degree. The Surgeon should possess the efficiency of making the hairline design, slitting job as well as the implantation process in order to give the best natural result of the hair transplantation.

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Which Essential Factors are involved in the Hair Restoration Surgery to offer a great Natural Result of the Procedure?

The aforesaid mentioned factors are essential to offer a great aesthetic outcome of the hair restoration procedure and if any of the elements get disturbed or mistake happening while they process results in an unnatural hair transplant effect.

What Factors are responsible for making an unnatural result of the Hair Restoration/Transplant Procedure is jotted down below:

The Methods of Correction:


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of procedure of hair transplant is the combination process of science and art that requires an extreme artistic sense as well as the proficiency of dealing the surgical concern in the view of achieving the best natural outcomes of the procedure.

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